Printable Business Cards

Printable business cards are great if you are in a situation that don’t require professional printing. This type of card works best if you are simply handing out cards to promote your website or to exchange contact information with family members and friends. 

If you plan to print your own business cards you can save some money. Printable cards can be printed on inkjet or laser printers. Of course, you will have to supply the paper and the ink cartridges, but you should still come out saving money by printing them yourself. The level of knowledge you have in using Corel Draw as well as knowing how to use your printer will determine how easy or difficult it will be to print your own business cards. 

Below are a few samples of printable business cards. You must have Corel Draw version 7 or above to use the designs. Simply click the one you like, and then download the file. You will then be able to edit the file as you wish, change the fonts, colors and layout.

If you don't have Corel Draw, you can pick up a copy on Ebay for $30 - $100 depending on the version you purchase.

Printable Business Card 1

Download Printable Business Card 1

 Printable Business Cards - 2

Download Printable Business Card 2

 Printable Business Cards - 3

Download Printable Business Card 3